O-Rein Yensa

A world-weary Padjal with a strong connection with the elements thrown adrift by the Sea of Time. He's one the first of his kind but hopefully not the last.

The Lost Padjal

Name: O-Rein Yensa
Addressment: Master O-Rein, Master Padjal, The Lost Padjal, Red Horn, The Scourge
Gender: Male
Race: Midlander (Padjal)
Origin: The Twelveswood (The Shroud)
Nationality: Gridanian
Residence: East Shroud
Hair Color: Scarlet
Eye Color: Left Eye: Green, Right Eye: Blue
Height: 5 fulms 4 ilms
Weight: 109 ponze
Build: Lithe & Petite
Age: 100+ (looks around 17)
Birthdate: 15th Sun of the 4th Astral moon
Guardian: Nophica
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Profession: White Mage Conjurer, Traveling Medicine Seller
Language: Eorzean
Scent: Rosewater & ylang-ylang

Random Details

  • The first thing that most aether-sensitive people notice about O-Rein would be his peculiar aether. While he honestly appears no different than your average Hyur, O-Rein possesses a powerful aura that seems more comparable with a White Mage than your average Conjurer. Even so, O-Rein's mastery over such magic has waned over the years due to his imprisonment within the Lifestream. While he can still hear the whispers of the Elements and all, relying on too much magic honestly makes him quite ill. This is why he hesitates to showcase any of his White Mage abilities in fear of becoming even sicker.

  • Despite hailing from the Twelveswood, O-Rein is a rather peculiar-looking Padjal. He looks less like a Gridanian and more Ala Mhigan in ancestry but the ruddy-brown horns upon his head easily showcase his Padjali heritage. While O-Rein typically uses glamours to conceal his horns, anyone who's aether sensitive will be able to see them.

  • Even though it seems as if O-Rein travels alone, he actually doesn't. The Padjal travels with a white-furred moogle usually, one that is invisible to the naked eye. Her name is Mogmi and she's the one who found O-Rein shortly after the Calamity.

Positive Traits

Discreet & Quiet
Wise & Thoughtful

Negative Traits


His Story

O-Rein Yensa is an old Padjal born within the Sixth Umbral Age shortly after the War of the Magi. He's one of the six Padjali who acts as stewards of the Twelveswood. He was the only child born to a young couple who had just recently immigrated to Gridania during the Great Flood. Due to his extraordinary gift, O-Rein became a proficient conjurer at the tender age of twelve. He was one of the first Padjal to seek a means to bridge the gap between man and nature, but his unorthodox methods were often met with scorn. Unlike his brethren, O-Rein believed that man should hold dominion over nature rather than the subservient rhetoric of his fellow Padjali. While he could understand the elementals' will, O-Rein viewed them as simple-minded beasts that ought to be tamed rather than feared.

His conflicting ideas with his fellow Padjali eventually drove him to exile. As he dwells within the depths of the Twelvewood, O-Rein became very acquainted with the sylphs of Little Solace. There he would dwell for the next several decades in harmony with the sylphs while trying to unlock the mysteries of the elements. While he's indeed a proficient conjurer, O-Rein lacks the warmth and compassion of one. It's difficult for him to care about the well-being of others, especially those he deems weak-willed. Unlike some of his brethren, O-Rein always was a bit of a hothead. He's temperamental and often moved to rage much like a violent squall. Because of his fluctuating emotions, many see O-Rein as dangerous, but little do they realize that his fluctuating moods represent the many fickle moods of the elementals.

He became an avatar of their wrath and sorrow. A living representation of the elementals will despite his very unorthodox ideology. However, O-Rein found himself shunned by his peers because of his oddities. This nearly led him to madness. He often viewed his otherworldly gift to be nothing but a curse inflicted upon him by the spirits. He was envious of the normal people and often yearned to be anything other than the wrathful avatar he had become.

Thankfully, O-Rein was able to find solace in the form of a powerful White Mage who sought to cleanse the Twelveswood of its taint. While he viewed the young mage as a friend, the two of them would eventually come to blows the other learned of his ploy to make the elements submit to his will. The Padjali aren't supposed to use their unique gifts for such vile purposes and for that O-Rein needed to be put down. While O-Rein was indeed quite powerful, he was no match for the sheer strength of this young White Mage. O-Rein defeat over him was met with great jubilation since now the Twelveswood was free of his taint. However, instead of following through with the elements' will to kill his fallen brother, the White Mage sought a way to help him instead. He spared O-Rein's life by sending him adrift within the Lifestream. For the next hundred or so years, O-Rein would sleep in a dreamless slumber until the Seventh Umbral Calamity.

It was upon that fateful eve that O-Rein was freed from the Lifestream due to the influx of aether from when Dalamud fell. O-Rein was torn free from the Lifestream and set adrift within the shallow waters of the Central Shroud.

As fate would have it, O-Rein was roused to consciousness by a little white moogle named “Mogmi” who found him half-drowned in the river. Disoriented after decades of slumber, O-Rein awoke to a broken world grieving over the deaths of thousands who died during the Calamity.


  • The Healer- If you're in need of a proficient healer, then look no further. O-Rein is capable of healing the most egregious wounds with relative ease but he's unlikely to charge for his services even if healing takes a lot out of him.

  • The Wanderer- While O-Rein tends to linger within the Twelveswood, he can be found traveling the realm on occasion. He's always interested in meeting adventurers and travelers alike. Therefore, don't hesitate to greet him if you see him. While he's a bit cold towards his Padjal brethren, he'll humor them in idle conversation before going about his way.

  • The Spiritualist- Since his defeat, O-Rein has taken up a special interest in continuing the work of his fellow Padjal. He often travels throughout the Twelvewood purifying spirits, setting right to the imbalances that throw the elementals askew. It's because of this that O-Rein is usually found in the woods deep within meditation. On occasion, O-Rein rents out his services to those seeking to purify spirits in foreign realms beyond Gridania. He's something of an exorcist these days.

  • The Tamer - It's because of his uncanny link with nature that O-Rein is a rather proficient beast tamer. He can tame any wild beast regardless of its size and demeanor. However, he seems especially good at taming .angry chocobos. Yes, even the fiery red ones. This shouldn't come as a surprise since they're his favorite animals.

  • The Greenhorn- O-Rein has an unusual knack for growling hale and healthy plants. Gardening is a beloved hobby of his, one that he greatly enjoys in between exploration. Some would even say that O-Rein seems to prefer plants over people sometimes.

  • The Scholar- O-Rein has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He's often in search of books or tomes about the magical arts and is very interested in learning more about the flow of aether within the world. Therefore, feel free to chat his ear off about anything regarding such topics. He'll gladly listen


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